Serbian export control regulations

Rifle and pistol barrels made by ʼʼZPV Proizvodnjaʼʼ company require a license to be exported out of the Serbia. ʼʼZPV Proizvodnjaʼʼ company is committed to strict compliance with all applicable Serbian export control regulations and international regulations regarding traffic in arms.

There will be a charge of €350 for each foreign order license. This charge covers the processing of export paperwork and the registration fees with the THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA MINISTRY OF TRADE, TOURISM AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS. An order can be for a single barrel or for hundreds, one €350 charge applies per application. Also, if a foreign business applies for multiple barrels we can deliver barrels individually on that license until it expires. Our export license is valid for one year.

License applications for all eligible countries are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis by the Serbian government.

If you have any further questions regarding production process, minimum order quantity, prices, etc.  please contact us.